Dear kunanyi

9th – 12th August 2018
Opened by Ruth Langford on Wednesday 8th August

Dear kunanyi is an exhibition of contemporary artistic responses to kunanyi / Mount Wellington. The exhibition looks at our relationship with the mountain, its importance to our city and its presence in our lives. We are creating a patchwork quilt of experiences, thrown around us just when the winter is at its darkest, and we need it most.

Dear kunanyi was presented in the Long Gallery at Salamanca Arts Centre in August 2018.

People’s Choice Winners

Lisa Falk, The Chaos of Obedience, 2003
Elizabeth Barsham, Holy Mountain, 2018
Bec Adamczewski, Dark Omen, 2018
Susan Doust, Under the Organ Pipes, 2018
David Fooks, kunanyi midwinter, 2018
Grade 5/6 Margate Primary School, Masters of kunanyi, 2018

Image: Peter Dombrovskis, Dolerite columns at head of Avalanche Couloir, Organ Pipes Mount Wellington, 1995

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